Many of us go about our day making hundreds of choices about how to budget our limited money, resources, time and energy. We are often subconsciously solving optimization problems, usually without much thought to the consequences. Most of the time, comparing all of the options requires research and is too time-consuming, so sub-optimal decisions are made and often repeated day after day.

If you are visiting this site, you are likely familiar with the basics of personal finance. You understand that in order to accumulate wealth, you must limit your spending compared to your income and take advantage of exponential growth to increase your savings. Many personal finance sites do not simplify advice to practical actions, partially since many authors are simply not experienced, methodical in their research, but most importantly are uncomfortable crunching numbers to arrive at a definitive conclusion.

On this platform, I will be sharing clear practical personal finance advice based upon experience, thorough research and backed by quantitative analysis. I expect to cover many macro and microecon topics, such as, but not limited to, explaining how taxes should shape one’s decisions, day-to-day savings hacks, impact of career moves, and teaching a framework to make on-the-fly calculations about all spending decisions to boost one’s savings.