Top Practical Personal Finance Posts from Week Ending 07/29

This post is a part of weekly assorted practical personal finance posts shared by others in the previous week. Last week’s links can be accessed here. If you have a quality post you would like considered for the following week, please submit it here.

1. 9 things you can negotiate that are not salary (would put “more responsibility” at top, but solid throughout).

2. How to determine property value with Redfin (a likely better alternative to one in my own net worth calculation).

3. Green Swan embraces lifestyle inflation after detailing their savings over the years.

4. The worst landlord horror story.

5. The Luxe Strategist recommends buying a wedding outfit on eBay.


(Bonus) Blast from the not so-distant past: How a blogger tripled his salary (from 50k to 150k) in 8 years.


  1. The Green Swan says:

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