Top Practical Personal Finance Posts from Week Ending 07/22

This post is a part of weekly assorted practical personal finance posts shared by others in the previous week. Last week’s links can be accessed here. If you have a quality post you would like considered for the following week, please submit it here.

1. How much is cable costing you?

2. SaveOrSwim shares how he saves money on driving with a new app and local insurance providers.

3. Mining net worths of RockStar Finance bloggers.

4. Saving on women’s personal care.

5. 10 moves that will skyrocket your net worth. (good throughout)

6. One solution to Amazon binges.

7. The Luxe Strategist and BudgetOnAStick share their own alternative savings management strategies.




  1. Thanks for including me in your top posts! It is an honor.

  2. Some great articles here! Thanks for spreading the word. I’d much rather see people spend time reading thesel blog posts than all the garbage floating around with no practical value.

  3. We can’t all talk about investing in the S&P 500 and saving more than we spend, can we? I personally feel we need more bloggers to spread the word.