July 2017 Net Worth Update

I have not been able to update this site as much as I have intended to due to real estate updates, turnover and a concurrent ongoing job-search, but I wanted to share a net worth update from the previous month prior to the end of this month.

My Net Worth Calculation

To calculate one’s net worth, one must determine the difference between one’s assets (cash, stocks, bonds, property, investments, art, precious metals, etc.) and liabilities (all outstanding debt, loans, future claims against one’s assets, etc.). For my own calculation, I have avoided including basic and smaller possessions that certainly contribute my overall net worth (i.e. the furniture in my house) but are insignificant and are unlikely to be disposed without a replacement.

My net worth calculation is done on a liquidation basis. What this means is that certain balances are adjusted as if I were to liquidate the asset. For example, although a given house can sell for $100k, its true liquidation value is closer to $94k after taking into account transfer taxes and realtor fees.

For a complete description of my balance sheet and how the assets and liabilities are valued, visit the net worth summary page.

Highlights from This Month


  • Roth IRA & 401k/Rollover IRA – Both balances went up a bit due to stock market gains and contributions to the 401k plan.
  • Real Estate – I have noticed just after one month of taking a 90% of the average of Zillow and Redfin estimates for a reasonable sales price, the month-to-month variation is significant. According to this analysis, the value of my real estate holdings decreased by over 4% in one month alone, which is especially unlikely since during this particular time frame, the properties were painted and updated to some extent. Going forward, I have decided to run a 12-month moving average to dampen seasonality and valuation error in the method.


  • My net-worth is down slightly due to a decline in real-estate values and since the majority of my monthly spending was funneled into updating real-estate.

Net Worth as of 08/01/17

Will update shortly on the progress this month!