Slash Food Expenses While Eating Healthy: Part 1

Food expenses are typically our third largest expenditure (after housing and transportation), with 10 – 15% of our spending going towards food consumption. Unlike with the other two major expenses, one can implement changes immediately to increase cash flow, completely avoid up-front costs, and have savings (accelerate) or build upon themselves, since the expenses are […]

Cheap Phone Plans to Dump Your Costly Carrier

Few these days get by without a cellphone and the monthly expense associated with a cell phone plan is ripe for savings since recurring expenses can really add up. Consider unlimited data plans for one line with either AT&T ($60 + $6/mo incl. taxes/fees) or Verizon ($80 + $8/mo), which works out to $800 – […]

Jump Start Savings with Rewards Credit Cards

One of the easiest ways to get the most bang for your buck on all of your spending is by signing up for the best rewards credit cards. What this means is using your debit card for ATM withdrawals only, limiting cash transactions altogether, and not using Apple Pay. Instead, sign up for one or […]