July 2017 Net Worth Update

I have not been able to update this site as much as I have intended to due to real estate updates, turnover and a concurrent ongoing job-search, but I wanted to share a net worth update from the previous month prior to the end of this month. My Net Worth Calculation To calculate one’s net […]

The Finance Doc’s Net Worth Exposed!

Despite being an avid saver since my 20s, I have never been curious enough to determine my net worth. In hindsight, this was likely due to me knowing in the back of my mind that my net worth number was far away from my financial independence number. However, as I have become more analytical in […]

About The Finance Doc

I have always been fascinated with efficiency and optimization problems in general. One of the first concepts in math I absorbed was not to solve any particular problem through rote behavior (for instance, adding up numbers 1 to 100 methodically) but rather to channel Carl Gauss and always seek out solutions in as few steps […]


Many of us go about our day making hundreds of choices about how to budget our limited money, resources, time and energy. We are often subconsciously solving optimization problems, usually without much thought to the consequences. Most of the time, comparing all of the options requires research and is too time-consuming, so sub-optimal decisions are […]